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About us

Since 1988, 365 days working for you

Capricci, established in 1988 and founded by Mr. Borella, is a family owned company based in Milan. Since 1988 we offer a wide range of selected gift ideas: the best clothing brands and exclusive home accessories, the culinary excellence that have always been our forte, to offer throughout the year the best quality and service.


For more than 29 years, with an expertise in packaging and a reputation for quality, Capricci offers a wide range of exclusive food gifts. The excellent raw materials and premium quality products are the result of a ten-year deep knowledge and reliability of the italian food manufacturers and winemakers, which also gives rise to a solidified collaboration with the most famous and important of them. A result of gourmet elegance.


The picking and choosing of the refined packages, the precious fabrics, and the fine decorations are exclusively made only by our staff, in order to give a flawless presentation. Each box comes complete with an exceptional selection of truly exquisite delicious packed in luxury gift boxes, that made our products a favourite to many.


Our exclusive boxes are the perfect accompaniment to any important occasion: business meetings, special events, dinner party or as a birthday present: we have indeed a range of more than 30 different food boxes, all featuring artisan Italian food specialties which are neatly packed into our custom-made gift boxes, with great attention to every detail and particular attention in style. A unique idea for anyone wanting to give a gift with a difference.


We purposely choose food made from love and passion, in order to ensure a prompt and exclusive service in a variety of luxury packaging options that can be personalized with the customer’s logo, for a highly qualified Clientele.

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