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Journey into the figs world



  • Capicollo - puff pastry of mondi figs wrapped and stuffed with walnuts, citrus peel, and wild fennel gr.300
  • Fagottino - figs with raisins, orange peel and almonds gr.150
  • Cilentana - chocolate covered and almond-stuffed figs gr.250
  • Mondi figs (figs without peel) with almonds gr.80
  • Fig molasses - smooth and sweet Dottato white figs culitvar syrup ml.40
  • Single-portion fig - 6 pieces gr.
mm 380 x 300 x h.120

This fig laboratory is located in Prignano Cilento, a small village in the province of Salerno. The processing technique

of the Cilentan fig is very ancient, and finds in this land a perfect habitat  for the ripening of the fruit and for its subsequent drying in the sun. Figs comes in many versions: the traditional one is stuffed with almonds and walnuts,  the one covered with chocolate and orange peels, and the molasses obtained from the transformation of dried figs.
The PDO “Dottato” fig of Cilento, is then a delicacy that we really need to taste.