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The Mustards



  • Orange mustard gr.120
  • Fig mustard gr.120
  • Ligurian bitter orange mustard gr.120
  • Melon mustard gr.120
  • Citron mustard gr.120
  • Pear mustard gr.120
  • 2 small glass bowls (8x8 cm)
mm 335 x 240 x h.150

The velvety preserved fruits are a line of mustards with a soft consistency that varies from fruit to fruit. During processing techniques, each fruit is finely chopped in order to preserve the fullness and intensity of the spicy note.
They are the ideal match for the great variety of cheeses: pear and fig are for mature cheeses, while cedar, orange and chinotto are more appropriate with fresh and creamy cheeses.

In this gourmet box we offer the following varieties and combinations:

Orange: perfect with boiled meat, lard and fresh cheeses like Robiola di Bufala and Stracchino goat

Fig: perfect with boiled meat, tasty cheese and sweet gorgonzola mustard

Bitter orange: perfect with cheese with a delicate flavor, fresh and soft

Melon: ideal with fresh cheeses, creamy, goat and fish

Cedar: ideal with fresh cheeses such as soft cheese and fish

Pear: perfect with meats, boiled meats and aged cheeses such as pecorino and Parmigiano Reggiano