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Sip & Snacks



  • Cocktail of sparkling wine and strawberry pulp "Canella Rossini" lt.0,75
  • Salted almonds with black truffles - 2 packs - gr.100 each
  • Salted almonds with green pepper and capers gr.100
  • Salted almonds with tomato and basil gr.100
  • Artichokes in orange juice gr.180
  • Fennel and almonds in orange juice gr.180
mm 380 x 300 x h120

William di Carlo, a great connoisseur of almonds, has made these delicacies: salted almonds with black truffles, tomatoes and basil, green pepper and capers. We accompanied them with vegetables such as artichokes and fennels worked from raw, whose peculiarity lies in the preservation liquid, which is usually extra virgin olive oil. In this case, however, chef Lorenzo preserve them in orange juice.
Sparkling wine and strawberry pulp completes this gift box.