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  • Legumes mix "Mesca Francesca" gr.340
  • Black chickpeas from Cicerale gr.340
  • Beans from Controne gr.330
  • Chickpeas from Finucchito gr.340
  • Extra virgin olive oil from "S. Ilario" lt.0,25
  • Organic emmer wheat pasta from "Felicetti" gr.500
mm 380 x 300 x h.120

Francesco Vastola, great connoisseur of food excellence in Campania, has selected the best legumes in the area of Paestum: chickpeas from Cicerale or Finucchito, with beans from Controne, to conclude with “Mesca Francesca”, a mix of legumes and local cereals that also includes lentils from Controne and the chickling vetch from Campi Flegrei. Everything can be tasted with “ditalini” pasta by Felicetti and the excellent oil of Sant’Ilario, a really perfect kit to cook a poor dish, but full of strong emotions and flavors.